Time to uplift your footlights and make those feet shine! With its sleek, low design, our IP65-rated FOOTSIE takes footlights into the modern age.

Available in classic, balletic-like Warm White with a CRI greater than 90; tuneable white from 2.700K – 6.500K, or RGBW for all colours, including infamous up-lit horror looks, the IP65-rated FOOTSIE delivers LED foot lighting, whatever the production type or weather.

Removing the visual barrier between audience and performer, this showstopper, with its low laying 52 mm high design, allows you to see all of the performer and watch those toes ‘tapping!

The self-contained cable tray removes loose laying cables, taking away this trip hazard. With an easy, fast connection between fixtures, including corner pieces of various angles, FOOTSIE keeps the LEDs evenly spaced to provide the smoothest wash with continuous runs across your stage or down your runway.

For run flexibility, FOOTSIE is available in two models. FOOTSIE1™ has two individually controlled zones within its 600 mm, while FOOTSIE2™ being longer at 1.200 mm, has four zones.

FOOTSIE features an innovative SPREAD™ (Shield Protection, Reflection Elimination, Diffusion) Integrated shield that folds inside housing or be released and installed in position. The Shield is covering direct viewing of the led sources from the side of audience (Patent pending). Providing additional softening and beam spread control optional, easily insertable medium and wide diffusion filters are available.

The patented design provides easy and instant access through the top and bottom lids to the fixture display, power supply and other cables, such as microphone or monitor speakers. We have included half circular ports in the top and base lids, giving access to these wherever needed on the stage. Power and data connections are via IP65-rated PowerCON True1 and DMX 5-pin IN and OUT connectors.

By including NFC (Near-Field Communication) technology, you can access setup, diagnostic and performance features, even without power, directly from your mobile device using the Robe Com app.

A unique safety feature, BluMark™ allows a low-level blue LED indication of stage edges without affecting lighting states. These separate, low-output LEDs provide an edge indication when performers become blinded due to snap blackouts. Controlled from your console, BluMark™ can be turned on/ off as required.

For performers to accurately take positions on stage FOOTSIE features PIP™ – Performer Indication Points. Individually controlled RGB LEDs, at 10 cm spacing provide performers with discrete alignment points.

Convectionally cooled, FOOTSIE is perfect for theatres, concert stages, fashion show catwalks or corporate events, letting your performers step out in style, indoors or out!

FOOTSIE – Toe tapping style, whatever the weather

Light source

48 x RGBW/TW/WW LED single chip

Light output

4.940 lm

Zoom range

Asymmetrical field angle 55° x 50°