Sonalyst | James Thomas Molefay 4 Light Blinder
James Thomas Molefay 4 Light Blinder is part of our rental stock, contact us for details
James Thomas Molefay 4 Light Blinder
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James Thomas Molefay – DWE 4 Light Horizontal Blinder

Commonly known as ‘audience blinders’, this item is a 4 way linear unit fitted with Par 36 lamps. Designed with ease of use in mind, they feature robust lightweight aluminium¬†construction, semi-gloss black electrostatic paint finish, heavy duty yoke with positive lock¬†off, using a tee bar to enable unit to be set at any desired angle. In addition, each lamp bank will pan independently to alter light effect. Lamp change itself is simplicity due to quick release knobs on lamp retaining ring which are chrome plated and are fitted with a safety mesh as standard.

Molefay 4 Light Blinder

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