Mackie’s SRM150 is a 150w powered speaker with integral 3-channel mixer, allowing it to be used as an ultra-portable small PA system, a stage monitor or a powered speaker for MIDI file playback. This versatile system is compact enough to be used as a creche monitor, for example, but has enough power to be used in much larger rooms.

The built-in three-channel mixer features two combo XLR/line inputs (with true 48V phantom power), a stereo channel for CD/MP3 players, and a powerful 3-band Active EQ. The SRM150 can even be mounted on a mic stand, making it the ideal personal monitor. With this tremendous feature set and 150-watts of world-class sound, the Mackie SRM150 is the perfect solution for any application requiring superior sound quality.

At the heart of the SRM150 is a Mackie mixer. Channels 1 and 2 can be used for mic/line sources, thanks to the Neutrik Combo jack, which accepts either §” TRS or XLR connections. True 48V phantom power is supplied, so you can use any condenser mic. Channel 1 also has an added feature. Simply plug in your guitar, bass (or any other Hi-Z instrument), press the CH1 Instrument switch and you get all the benefits of a DI box, without the hassle and added expense.

Channel 3 is reserved for stereo devices, such as an MP3, CD or tape player. Just connect to the dual RCA jacks from your device and use the Channel 3 Level control to balance the gain with your other inputs. This is a handy feature for performers working with backing tracks, MIDI sequencers or drum machines.

Mackie SRM 150 Personal Monitor

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