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Spot Dot 2000
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Spot Dot 2000

Spot Dot 2000 is accurate like a laser — but it’s not! It’s a reflected LED. Only the operator sees the dot.


Accurate at all distances.

Hit your mark on the stage every time without ghosting or chalk board marks. No one will know you’re using a sight — not the audience, not the talent, not even the LD!


Aimed by a centered LED red dot in the sight.

This is NOT a laser! The red dot is NOT projected beyond the sight. Bright dot is visible to the operator under all conditions. Got a bunch of ACLs pointing toward the followspot positions? Working outdoors before dark? No problem. See the dot, put it on the talent and open your douser. Perfect every time.


Zero magnification.

That’s important because it means you can see the whole stage and use the scope at the same time.



It folds up so small you can carry it to your lamp in your shirt pocket! Lightweight — only 6 oz.


Powered by one readily available 3v lithium button battery. Unit does not have to be opened to replace the battery. Battery provides 40+ hours of continuous use. Comes with high impact carrying case measuring 6x4x2 inches.

Spot Dot 2000

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