Robert Juliat Cyrano Followspot 3-8 Degrees - 2500w - Sonalyst
Robert Juliat Cyrano Followspot is part of our rental stock, contact us for details
Robert Juliat Cyrano Followspot
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Robert Juliat Cyrano Followspot 3-8 Degrees 2500w

Cyrano’s narrow beam angle is suited to super-long throw distances found in the largest theatres and stadia. Its unique dimmer shutter gives Cyrano a superb dimming ability – surpassing even that of Aramis – making it indispensable for opera houses and large TV shows.


• Type: Zoom
• Beam range: 3° to 8°
• Focal length: 393 – 1050 mm


Power Supply Unit

• PSU: Separate – Magnetic PSU
• Lighting unit / PSU cable: Removable cable – length: 3 m (9,8 ft)
Type: 18G1,5 H07RNF with 16x16A+E Harting Han® connectors
• Maximum distance between lighting unit and PSU: 25 m (82 ft)
• Control: Local
• Protection: Mains: 25A 2P2D – C curve breaker / Electronic: 1A 1P1D – C curve breaker / Auxiliary: 6A 2P2D – C curve breaker

Robert Juliat Cyrano Followspot

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