Sonalyst | Mole-Richardson 2kw 10" Junior Solarspot
Mole-Richardson 2kw 10" Junior Solarspot is part of our rental stock, contact us for details
Mole-Richardson 2kw 10" Junior Solarspot
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Mole Richardson 2kw 10” Junior Solar Fresnel c/w Barn doors

The 2,000 watt Junior Solarspot with circular channel construction for added strength and more efficient airflow, resulting in cooler operation. Less heat on the fixture and lower seal temperature of the globes for longer life. Knobs on the front and rear for focusing from spot-to-flood for a smoother even field. For use in Motion Picture, Television and the Still Photographic Industries as a key-light, back-light or kicker. Equipped with safety screen.

Mole-Richardson 2kw Solarspot

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