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Avolites Pearl Expert 2010 Titan
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Avolites Pearl Expert

The Pearl Expert, the product of Avolites expertise facilitates spontaneity putting live control and creativity firmly into the hands of the lighting designer. High speed button reponse, dual rollers and instant access to the vast array of timed palettes, breathes life into lights.


TITAN Operating System – the TITAN OS takes full advantage of multithreading capabilities of the Intel Core Duo™ processors.


Dual Boot – Run the Expert on the new, feature rich and innovative TITAN Operating System or switch to Pearl Classic Mode, the industry standard Pearl OS that you all know and love.


Stage Visualizer – The built in stage visualizer is automatically configured and ready to use as soon as your console is patched.


80 Submasters – Capable of controlling cues, cue lists and chases.


60 Direct Access Add & Swop Buttons – Giving more channels to flash or solo and twice as many programming pallets.


Keyboard – Discreet QWERTY keyboard with integral Trackpad and Function keys, effortlessly accessed from within the console.


Master faders – Separate master level controls for Add/Flash, Swop/Solo and Presets A&B.


Dual Playback rollers – The ‘hands on’ twin rollers effectively give two consoles in one! They afford the operator separate access to Lights and Video or Generics and Intelligent fixtures within the rig.


Ethernet output – Artnet protocol fully supported and enabling 12 full speed DMX Universes.


DMX Output Ports – Four full speed.

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