The SD-RE is a fully redundant engine for a DiGiCo SD10 console, providing exactly the same type of redundancy option for an SD10 that is standard on our flagship, dual engine SD7 consoles.By simply connecting the compact, 3U box to the console with an Ethernet crossover cable and the system’s audio racks using MADI or Optocore, the SD RE provides a seamless backup for the console.The SD10 console’s control computer, audio engine, software application and important worksurface controls can all be duplicated on the SD-RE redundant system, with the DiGiCo engine mirroring setup offering either automatic or manual switchover whenever it’s required.The SD-RE supports a 12-fader remote worksurface and a screen, keyboard and mouse for full control in any situation.For full audio specifications, please refer to the SD10.

Digico SD10 RE Rack

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