The A‐16D is designed to distribute the Pro16 A‐Net signal from any A‐Net product, including other A‐Net Distributors, via industry‐standard Cat‐5e cables. Each A‐16D accepts one A‐Net input and provides eight A‐Net outputs. The A‐16D A‐Net Distributor enables parallel connection of A‐Net devices, simplifying stage, studio, and audio network setups.

A-16D Features:

  • Easily distribute A‐Net from a central location or from other A‐Net Distributors
  • One A‐Net input, eight A‐Net outputs
  • Insert DC power for Personal Mixers into the Cat‐5e cable
  • 1⁄2 rack space footprint – mounts easily on standard rack shelf
  • A‐Net activity LED on the main input
  • DC power indicator LEDs on each A‐Net output
  • Multiple A‐16D Distributors can be used in a system
Aviom A 16 Pro-D Ethernet Interface Unit

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