The C747 V11 is a pencil-sized, studio quality, hyper-cardioid, condenser microphone with a flat frequency response and a clean off-axis response. Popular with broadcasters and installers for high quality lectern amplification, it is also good for guitar, piano, drum and overhead applications.

Excellent off-axis response allows the speaker to move without change in amplified sound, while the enhanced, hyper-cardioid polar pattern ‘eliminates noise from the sides’. The second generation of this microphone also boasts RF interference protection from mobile phones and wireless microphones. A fine tuned frequency response suits better pickup of voice.

The microphone, finished in ‘stage blue’ has a 3 metre captive cable, connected to an extended-length XLR connector containing a phantom power adapter. The adapter has a switch to enable a bass-cut filter for reducing footfall noise.

Output connector: 3-pin, male XLR. Applications: Conference and lectern, pulpits, broadcast and recording, on-stage pick up in theatre. Response: 30Hz-18kHz. Sensitivity: 8.5mV/Pa. Phantom power: 9-52V DC. Dimensions: 137 x 9(length x diameter) mm. Weight: 25g without cable.

AKG 747 Microphone

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